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Proven Results and a few words from happy clients...

Dear Ian,

I am happy to highly recommend the services of Alphawebsmarts. Although we use our website on a minimal basis we consider it a critical advertising and communication tool for prospective clients and existing clients. Before we engaged your services, our web page was rarely found by prospective clients. I am happy to say that we have now picked up a number of smaller clients who became aware of our firm website via your indexing. These few clients have justified the costs of the project.

I am happy to speak to anyone considering the use of your services and you may give them my phone number so long as I am warned in advance and I am not getting too many calls.


Sal Russo


Thank you. We are excited with the results.

Matt Dollisson


Hello Ian At last I have the children's read-to book ready to send to your sister! Cliff has reduced it to A5 format so it's easy to post. But alas, what I cannot find now is your sister's address - would you tell me again please?

The delay is largely due to having been totally immersed in writing and re-writing a Teaching Manual 'Resilience through Self Acceptance Skills'. I can hardly believe it, it's finished now :-D I can look up and around and see there's more to the world.

Thanks to you and the website, there have been responses from people eager to teach, including one in Canada! How are you?



From: "Shane Coombe"
To: "Michael O'Sullivan"
Cc: "Ian Pretty"; "Gerard Noon"; "Renzo Benedet"
Subject: ATS Website Traffic
Date: Tuesday, 13 August 2002 9:17 PM


As discussed the AlphaWebSmarts (AWS) exercise seems to have had a dramatic effect on the level of traffic to the ATS website

Traffic to the site has tripled from 3,334 visits in May and 3,585 visits in June to 10,543 visits in July and 4,805 visits in August to date (13 Aug).

19 of the top 25 referral sites were pages generated through the AWS

Significantly, Google is now ranked 6th amongst referral sites and Yahoo also appears in the top 25, we are now significantly more visible to search engines and hence the world.

We need to ensure we keep the service updated at regular intervals to incorporate content from new members and stay up to speed with search significance rules.

Hopefully, the fact that is now active will also help to raise the level of traffic.



Shane Coombe
A/g Senior Manager Innovation
Department of State and Regional Development
Level 43, Grosvenor Place
225 George Street
Tel: 61 2 9338 6622
Fax: 61 2 9338 6676
"This communication is intended for the addressee named and may contain confidential information. Reproduction, dissemination or distribution of this message is prohibited unless authorised by the sender. The views expressed by the sender are not necessarily those of the Department of State and Regional Development."

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