Search Engine Marketing Solutions

Alpha-SEO Packages Include:

  • αSEO-Analyser website bench-mark analysis
  • αSEO-Index creation for Keyword Phrases & Pages
  • αSEO-Assist Page Optimiser
  • Full (not just basic) Meta Tag indexing
  • αSEO-Linking to build your page rank popularity
  • Monthly Website Rankings Report emailed to your marketing manager
  • Intensive submission to search engines

Setup Includes:

  • αSEO™ Setup Software - which we customise specially for your website. This user friendly tool makes the difficult job of optimising your input parameters much easier and faster
  • Expert Assistance - setting up is a truly challenging exercise to do well. Our expert team will work with you to ensure the best possible results
  • Pages Customisation - improving your current website pages to be fully meta-tagged, rich in content and cross-linked for the search engines
  • αSEO™-Index Generation - using our latest coding methods engineered to be search engine friendly
  • Benchmark Website Rankings Report
  • Intensive Search Engine Submission

Maintenance Includes:

  • αSEO™-Linking - providing fresh, keyword-rich incoming links to your website
  • αSEO™-Index Regeneration - using our latest coding methods designed to be search engine friendly
  • Monthly Website Rankings Reports
  • Monthly Search Engine Submission
  • Monthly Licence Fees - for ongoing use of αSEO™ code
  • Support for strategy and website development as per the package and extras you choose

Packages, Add-Ons & Extras:

Economic Development Pricing:

If you are from a developing country (which the OEDC would rank as poor or very poor) you may qualify for a regional discount — please enquire with your AWS representative about this.

Payment Options:

Direct Debit, Company Cheque or Cash

Setup financing available for 12% surcharge

Overdue account fee $15/month + 1.5%/month on outstanding balance + any additional collection costs


If after six months you are not fully satisfied that you have achieved better rankings and had more targeted visitors than before we worked on your website you may claim a full refund of of all setup costs, excluding pay-listings & subject to the terms of your client agreement.

If AWS takes you on as a client we guarantee to improve your website rankings across a variety of your keyword phrases. According to the size of the package we expect your websites will achieve very high exposure on many search engine for many keyword-phrases, usually within the top 10 on most of the major search engines.

In all cases results will be affected by your commitment, budget and internet realities:

  • Some keyword-phrases can be difficult to get highly ranked on search engines. This applies to sites that are in a densely populated category of the web such as global, computer & financial products & services.

  • Some websites incorporate database generated content and/or multimedia with architecture that may compromise the search engine success potential.

  • Natural search engine rankings cannot be bought. Beware of any companies who promise any definite positions. We do not own Google / Yahoo / MSN etc. We do our best to inform and influence them favourably with regards to your website.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Clients, Representatives and Staff are bound by the AWS-Client Agreement, and are deemed to have signed it by proceeding with interaction with AWS and / or acceptance of services. Click here to view the full AWS Client Agreement.

  2. Client retains copyright ownership of the original information content of website relevant to client website(s) fields of relevance.

  3. AWS retains copyright ownership of its specially applied computer coding which is licences for use by client organisation whilst maintenance payment are paid, thereafter which it must be deleted from client website unless client has written permission from AWS.

  4. AWS coding on your page is licensed to your organisation only for its agreed uses. Both the code and the methodology used to develop it are considered trade secrets and may not be divulged to any other party without written permission from Alpha Web Smarts.

  5. Fees are due upon acceptance of agreement and monthly as the period of service commences. Without prior credit arrangements fees due more than 14 days are overdue.

  6. Breach by client of the terms and conditions or unauthorised use of copyright AWS website coding it is liable for penalty costs of 150% normal setup and maintenance plus collection costs.
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